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4.4.3 make_win_src_distribution — Create Source Distribution for Windows

make_win_src_distribution creates a Windows source package to be used on Windows systems. It is used after you configure and build the source distribution on a Unix or Unix-like system so that you have a server binary to work with. (See the instructions at Section, “Creating a Windows Source Package from the Bazaar Repository”.)

Invoke make_win_src_distribution like this from the top-level directory of a MySQL source distribution:

shell> make_win_src_distribution [options]

make_win_src_distribution understands the following options:

  • --help

    Display a help message and exit.

  • --debug

    Print information about script operations; do not create a package.

  • --dirname

    Directory name to copy files (intermediate).

  • --silent

    Do not print verbose list of files processed.

  • --suffix

    The suffix name for the package.

  • --tar

    Create a .tar.gz package instead of a .zip package.

    By default, make_win_src_distribution creates a Zip-format archive with the name, where VERSION represents the version of your MySQL source tree.

  • --tmp

    Specify the temporary location.

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