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  Posted by Wojciech Owczarek on February 3, 2007
I think that the importance of the 'paranoid' property in creation of error messages should be emphasized. If 'paranoid' is set to 'false' then Connector/J classes add a stack trace dump to the messages they put into SQLException. If a developer needs to display .getMessage(), he then gets the whole stack trace. Also, it would be really nice if a table of SQLSTATE=>message mappings was added to some of Connector/J's util classes ( to be able to get a clean error message from the .getSqlState().
  Posted by Mark Matthews on June 4, 2009
If you're using (1) a modern JVM and (2) a recent version of Connector/J, the "caused by" stack traces are all attached as "causes" to the top-level exception.

  Posted by Waheed Alshahnan on January 5, 2011
Just in case someone needs this here is a connection string

This will give you a trace of the JDBC connection.
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