LQH Errors

There is currently one ndbd error code associated with the LQH kernel block. This error code was added in MySQL Cluster NDB 7.2.6, and is shown in the following table:

Error Code Error Classification Error Text
NDBD_EXIT_LCP_SCAN_WATCHDOG_FAIL XIE LCP fragment scan watchdog detected a problem. Please report a bug.

At the lowest level, an LCP comprises a series of fragment scans. Scans are requested by the DBDIH Master using an LCP_FRAG_ORD signal to the DBLQH kernel block. DBLQH then asks the BACKUP block to perform a scan of the fragment, recording the resulting data to disk. This scan is run through the DBLQH block. See also Section 8.4.7, “The DBLQH Block”.

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