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Download this Manual Tablespace::setDefaultLogfileGroup()

Description.  This method is used to set a tablespace's default log file group.

Signature.  This method can be called in two different ways. The first of these uses the name of the log file group, as shown here:

void setDefaultLogfileGroup
      const char* name

This method can also be called by passing it a reference to a LogfileGroup object:

void setDefaultLogfileGroup
      const class LogfileGroup& lGroup

There is no method for setting a log file group as the default for a tablespace by referencing the log file group's ID. (In other words, there is no set*() method corresponding to getDefaultLogfileGroupId().)

Parameters.  Either the name of the log file group to be assigned to the tablespace, or a reference lGroup to this log file group.

Return value.  None.

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