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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide
Download this Manual Table::setExtraMetadata()

Description.  Store packed extra metadata for this table. The data is packed without any modification into the buffer of the given Table object.


int setExtraMetadata
      Uint32 version,
      const void* data, 
      Uint32 length

Parameters.  The three parameters used by this method are listed here:

  • version: As used in NDB Cluster code, 1 means that the extra metadata contains a .frm file (BLOB) as in NDB 7.6 and earlier; 2 indicates that it is serialized dictionary information as in NDB 8.0. You should be aware that this is merely a convention, and the values can be application-specific, as desired.

  • data: The actual data to be stored as metadata.

  • length: The length of the data to be stored.

Return value.  0 on success. Any other value indicates failure; in this case, the value is an error code indicating indicating the type of error.

Added in NDB 8.0.13.