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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide
Download this Manual Table::getFragmentNodes()

Description.  This method retrieves a list of nodes storing a given fragment.


Uint32 getFragmentNodes
      Uint32 fragmentId,
      Uint32* nodeIdArrayPtr,
      Uint32 arraySize
    ) const

Parameters.  This method takes the following three parameters:

  • fragmentId: The ID of the desired fragment.

  • nodeIdArrayPtr: Pointer to an array of node IDs of the nodes containing this fragment.


    Normally, the primary fragment is entry 0 in this array.

  • arraySize: The size of the array containing the node IDs. If this is less than the number of fragments, then only the first arraySize entries are written to this array.

Return value.  A return value of 0 indicates an error; otherwise, this is the number of table fragments, as a 32-bit unsigned integer.