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This type describes the type of the Object.

Description.  The Type of the object can be one of several different sorts of index, trigger, tablespace, and so on.

Enumeration values.  Possible values for Type are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

Table 2.77 Object Type data type values and descriptions

Name Description
TypeUndefined Undefined
SystemTable System table
UserTable User table (may be temporary)
UniqueHashIndex Unique (but unordered) hash index
OrderedIndex Ordered (but not unique) index
HashIndexTrigger Index maintenance (internal)
IndexTrigger Index maintenance (internal)
SubscriptionTrigger Backup or replication (internal)
ReadOnlyConstraint Trigger (internal)
Tablespace Tablespace
LogfileGroup Logfile group
Datafile Datafile
Undofile Undofile
ReorgTrigger Trigger
HashMap Hash map
ForeignKey Foreign key
FKParentTrigger Trigger on a foreign key's parent table
FKChildTrigger Trigger on a foreign key's child table

ForeignKey, FKParentTrigger, and FKChildTrigger were added in NDB Cluster 7.3. See Section 2.3.8, “The ForeignKey Class”.