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Description.  This type enumerates provides partition balance settings (fragment count types) from which to choose when using setPartitionBalance(). This is also the type returned by getPartitionBalance()

Enumeration values.  Possible values for PartitionBalance are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

Table 2.73 Object::PartitionBalance data type values and descriptions

Name Description
PartitionBalance_ForRPByLDM Use one fragment per LDM per node
PartitionBalance_ForRAByLDM Use one fragment per LDM per node group
PartitionBalance_ForRPByNode Use one fragment per node
PartitionBalance_ForRAByNode Use one fragment per node group
PartitionBalance_Specific Use setting determined by setPartitionBalance()

Prior to NDB 7.5.4, this was known as FragmentCountType, and could take one of the values FragmentCount_OnePerLDMPerNode, FragmentCount_OnePerLDMPerNodeGroup, FragmentCount_OnePerNode, FragmentCount_OnePerNodeGroup, or FragmentCount_Specific. These values correspond to those shown in the previous table, in the order shown.