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This type describes the Object's fragmentation type.

Description.  This parameter specifies how data in the table or index is distributed among the cluster's storage nodes, that is, the number of fragments per node. The larger the table, the larger the number of fragments that should be used. Note that all replicas count as a single fragment. For a table, the default is FragAllMedium. For a unique hash index, the default is taken from the underlying table and cannot currently be changed.

Enumeration values.  Possible values for FragmentType are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

Table 2.72 FragmentType values and descriptions

Name Description
FragUndefined The fragmentation type is undefined or the default
FragAllMedium Two fragments per node
FragAllLarge Four fragments per node
DistrKeyHash Distributed hash key
DistrKeyLin Distributed linear hash key
UserDefined User defined
HashMapPartition Hash map partition