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Download this Manual NdbScanOperation::updateCurrentTuple()

Description.  This method is used to update the current tuple.

Signature.  Originally, this method could be called with a single. optional parameter, in either of the ways shown here:

NdbOperation* updateCurrentTuple

NdbOperation* updateCurrentTuple
      NdbTransaction* updateTrans

It is also possible to employ this method, when using NdbRecord with scans, as shown here:

NdbOperation* updateCurrentTuple
      NdbTransaction*      takeOverTrans,
      const NdbRecord*     record,
      const char*          row,
      const unsigned char* mask = 0

See Section 2.3.27, “The NdbRecord Interface”, for more information.

Parameters (original).  This method takes a single, optional parameter—the transaction that should perform the lock. If this is omitted, the transaction is the current one.

Parameters (when using NdbRecord).  When using the NdbRecord interface, this method takes the following parameters, as described in the following list:

  • The takeover transaction (takeOverTrans).

  • The record (NdbRecord object) referencing the column used for the scan.

  • The row to read from. If no attributes are to be read, set this equal to NULL.

  • The mask pointer is optional. If it is present, then only columns for which the corresponding bit in the mask is set are retrieved by the scan.

Return value.  This method returns an NdbOperation object or NULL.

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