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Download this Manual NdbScanOperation::close()

Description.  Calling this method closes a scan. Rows returned by this scan are no longer available after the scan has been closed using this method.


See Scans with exclusive locks, for information about multiple threads attempting to perform the same scan with an exclusive lock and how this can affect closing the scans.


void close
      bool forceSend = false,
      bool releaseOp = false

Parameters.  This method takes the two parameters listed here:

  • forceSend defaults to false; call close() with this parameter set to true in order to force transactions to be sent.

  • releaseOp also defaults to false; set this to true in order to release the operation.

    Prior to NDB 7.3.8, the buffer allocated by an NdbScanOperation for receiving the scanned rows was not released until the NdbTransaction owning the scan operation was closed (Bug #75128, Bug #20166585). In these and subsequent versions of NDB Cluster, the buffer is released whenever the cursor navigating the result set is closed using the close() method, regardless of the value of the releaseOp argument.

Return value.  None.