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Description.  This is the NdbInterpretedCode class constuctor.


      const NdbDictionary::Table* table = 0,
      Uint32* buffer = 0,
      Uint32 buffer_word_size = 0

Alternative constructor (NDB 8.0.18 and later). 

      const NdbRecord&,
      Uint32* buffer = 0,
      Uint32 buffer_word_size = 0);

Parameters.  The NdbInterpretedCode constructor takes three parameters, as described here:

  • The table against which this program is to be run. Prior to NDB 8.0.18, this parameter must be supplied if the program is table-specific—that is, if it reads from or writes to columns in a table. In NDB 8.0.18 and later, the constructor accepts an NdbRecord in place of the Table

  • A pointer to a buffer of 32-bit words used to store the program.

  • buffer_word_size is the length of the buffer passed in. If the program exceeds this length then adding new instructions will fail with error 4518 Too many instructions in interpreted program.

    Alternatively, if no buffer is passed, a buffer will be dynamically allocated internally and extended to cope as instructions are added.

Return value.  An instance of NdbInterpretedCode.