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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide
Download this Manual NdbInterpretedCode::branch_col_ge()

Description.  This method compares a table column value with an arbitrary constant and jumps to the specified program label if the constant is greater than or equal to the column value.


int branch_col_ge
      const void* val,
      Uint32 len,
      Uint32 attrId,
      Uint32 Label

Parameters.  This method takes the four parameters listed here:

  • A constant value (val)

  • The length of the value (in bytes)

  • The attribute ID of the table column whose value is to be compared with val

  • A Label (previously defined using def_label()) to jump to if the constant value is greater than or equal to the column value

Return value.  Returns 0 on success, -1 on failure.