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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide  /  ...  /  NdbInterpretedCode::branch_col_and_mask_eq_mask() NdbInterpretedCode::branch_col_and_mask_eq_mask()

Description.  This method is used to compare a BIT column value with a bitmask; if the column value ANDed together with the bitmask is equal to the bitmask, then execution jumps to a specified label specified in the method call.


int branch_col_and_mask_eq_mask
      const void* mask,
      Uint32 unused,
      Uint32 attrId,
      Uint32 Label

Parameters.  This method can accept four parameters, of which three are actually used. These are described in the following list:

  • A pointer to a constant mask to compare the column value to

  • A Uint32 value which is currently unused.

  • The attrId of the column to be compared.

  • A program Label to jump to if the condition is true.

Return value.  This method returns 0 on success and -1 on failure.

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