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Description.  Returns the next event operation having data from a subscription queue.

This method is deprecated in NDB 7.4.3, and is subject to removal in a future release. In NDB 7.4.3 and later, you should use nextEvent2() instead.


NdbEventOperation* nextEvent

Parameters.  None.

Return value.  This method returns an NdbEventOperation object representing the next event in a subscription queue, if there is such an event. If there is no event in the queue, it returns NULL instead.

Beginning with NDB 7.2.17 and NDB 7.3.6, this method clears inconsistent data events from the event queue when processing them. In order to able to clear all such events in these and later versions, applications must call this method even in cases when pollEvents() has already returned 0. (Bug #18716991)

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