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Description.  Check whether higher queued epochs have been seen by the last invocation of Ndb::pollEvents2(), or whether a TE_CLUSTER_FAILURE event was found.

It is possible, after a cluster failure has been detected, for the highest queued epoch returned by pollEvents2() not to be increasing any longer. In this case, rather than poll for more events, you should instead consume events with nextEvent() until it detects a TE_CLUSTER_FAILURE is detected, then reconnect to the cluster when it becomes available again.

This method was added in NDB 7.3.10 and 7.4.7 (Bug #18753887).


bool isExpectingHigherQueuedEpochs

Parameters.  None.

Return value.  True if queued epochs were seen by the last pollEvents2() call or, in the event of cluster failure.