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Download this Manual Ndb::getNextEventOpInEpoch3()

Description.  Iterates over individual event operations making up the current global checkpoint. Use following nextEvent2() to obtain summary information for the epoch, such as a listing of all tables, before processing event data. Is the same as getNextEventOpInEpoch3() but with the addition of a third argument which holds the merger of all AnyValues received, showing which bits are set for all operations on a given table.


Exceptional epochs do not have any event operations associated with them.


const NdbEventOperation* getNextEventOpInEpoch2
      Uint32* iter,
      Uint32* event_types
      Uint32* cumulative_any_value

Parameters.  Set iter to 0 initially; this is NULL when there are no more events within this epoch. If event_types is not NULL, it holds a bitmask of the event types received. If cumulative_any_value is not NULL, it holds the merger of all AnyValues received.

Return value.  A pointer to the next NdbEventOperation, if there is one.

This method was added in NDB 7.3.20, 7.4.18, 7.5.9, and 7.6.4. (Bug #26333981)