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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide
Download this Manual Ndb_cluster_connection::set_recv_thread_cpu()

Description.  Set the CPU or CPUs to which the receiver thread should be bound. Set the level for activating the receiver thread as a receiver by invoking set_recv_thread_activation_threshold(). Unset the binding for this receiver thread by invoking unset_recv_thread_cpu().


int set_recv_thread_cpu
      Uint16* cpuid_array,
      Uint32 array_len,
      Uint32 recv_thread_id = 0

Parameters.  This method takes three parameters, listed here:

  • An array of one or more CPU IDs to which the receive thread should be bound

  • The length of this array

  • The thread ID of the receive thread to bind. The default value is 0.

Return value.  -1 indicates an error; any other value indicates success.