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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide  /  ...  /  Ndb_cluster_connection::set_recv_thread_activation_threshold() Ndb_cluster_connection::set_recv_thread_activation_threshold()

Description.  Set the level for activating the receiver thread bound by set_recv_thread_cpu(). Below this level, normal user threads are used to receive signals.


int set_recv_thread_activation_threshold
      Uint32 threshold

Parameters.  An integer threshold value. 16 or higher means that receive threads are never used as receivers. 0 means that the receive thread is always active, and that retains poll rights for its own exclusive use, effectively blocking all user threads from becoming receivers. In such cases care should be taken to ensure that the receive thread does not compete with the user thread for CPU resources; it is preferable for it to be locked to a CPU for its own exclusive use. The default is 8.

Return value.  -1 indicates an error; any other value indicates success.