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8.5.16 STTOR Phase 7

In QMGR the president starts an arbitrator (unless this feature has been disabled by setting the value of the ArbitrationRank configuration parameter to 0 for all nodes—see Defining a MySQL Cluster Management Server, and Defining SQL and Other API Nodes in a MySQL Cluster, for more information; note that this currently can be done only when using MySQL Cluster Carrier Grade Edition). In addition, checking of API nodes through heartbeats is activated.

Also during this phase, the BACKUP block sets the disk write speed to the value used following the completion of the restart. The master node during initial start also inserts the record keeping track of which backup ID is to be used next. The SUMA and DBTUX blocks set variables indicating start phase 7 has been completed, and that requests to DBTUX that occurs when running the redo log should no longer be ignored.

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