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8.4.1 The BACKUP Block

This block is responsible for handling online backups and checkpoints. It is found in storage/ndb/src/kernel/blocks/backup/, and contains the following files:

  • Backup.cpp: Defines methods for node signal handling; also provides output methods for backup status messages to user.

  • BackupFormat.hpp: Defines the formats used for backup data, .CTL, and log files.

  • Backup.hpp: Defines the Backup class.

  • BackupInit.cpp: Actual Backup class constructor is found here.

  • Backup.txt: Contains a backup signal diagram (text format). Somewhat dated (from 2003), but still potentially useful for understanding the sequence of events that is followed during backups.

  • FsBuffer.hpp: Defines the FsBuffer class, which implements the circular data buffer that is used (together with the NDB file system) for reading and writing backup data and logs.

  • read.cpp: Contains some utility functions for reading log and checkpoint files to STDOUT.

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