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This section describes TableEvent, a type defined by the Event class.

Description.  TableEvent is used to classify the types of events that may be associated with tables in the NDB API.

Enumeration values.  Possible values are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

Table 2.15 Event::TableEvent type values and descriptions

Name Description
TE_INSERT Insert event on a table
TE_DELETE Delete event on a table
TE_UPDATE Update event on a table
TE_DROP Occurs when a table is dropped
TE_ALTER Occurs when a table definition is changed
TE_CREATE Occurs when a table is created
TE_GCP_COMPLETE Occurs on the completion of a global checkpoint
TE_CLUSTER_FAILURE Occurs on Cluster failures
TE_STOP Occurs when an event operation is stopped
TE_NODE_FAILURE Occurs when a Cluster node fails
TE_SUBSCRIBE Occurs when a cluster node subscribes to an event
TE_UNSUBSCRIBE Occurs when a cluster node unsubscribes from an event
TE_EMPTY Empty epoch received from data nodes
TE_INCONSISTENT Missing data or buffer overflow at data node
TE_OUT_OF_MEMORY Overflow in event buffer
TE_ALL Occurs when any event occurs on a table (not relevant when a specific event is received)


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