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Description.  The Event constructor creates a new instance with a given name, and optionally associated with a table.

You should keep in mind that the NDB API does not track allocated event objects, which means that the user must explicitly delete the Event thus created after it is no longer in use.

Signatures.  It is possible to invoke this method in either of two ways, the first of these being by name only, as shown here:

      const char* name

Alternatively, you can use the event name and an associated table, like this:

      const char*                  name,
      const NdbDictionary::Table& table

Parameters.  At a minimum, a name (as a constant character pointer) for the event is required. Optionally, an event may also be associated with a table; this argument, when present, is a reference to a Table object (see Section 2.3.37, “The Table Class”).

Return value.  A new instance of Event.

Destructor.  A destructor for this class is supplied as a virtual method which takes no arguments and whose return type is void.

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