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Description.  The MGM API by default installs a signal handler that ignores all SIGPIPE signals that might occur when writing to asocket that has been closed or reset. An application that provides its own handler for SIGPIPE should call this function after creating the management server handle and before using the handle to connect to the management server. (In other words, call this function after using ndb_mgm_create_handle() but before calling ndb_mgm_connect(), which causes the MGM API's SIGPIPE handler to be installed unless overridden.)


int ndb_mgm_set_ignore_sigpipe
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      int ignore = 1

Parameters.  This function takes two parameters:

  • A management server handle

  • An integer value which determines whether to ignore SIGPIPE errors. Set this to 1 (the default) to cause the MGM API to ignore SIGPIPE; set to zero if you wish for SIGPIPE to propagate to your MGM API application.

Return value.  None.

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