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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide  /  ...  /  ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_severity_filter() ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_severity_filter()

Description.  This function is used to set a cluster log severity filter.


int ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_severity_filter
      NdbMgmHandle                handle,
      enum ndb_mgm_event_severity severity,
      int                         enable,
      struct ndb_mgm_reply*       reply

Parameters.  This function takes 4 parameters:

  • A management server handle.

  • A cluster log severity to filter.

  • A flag to enable or disable the filter; 1 enables and 0 disables the filter.

  • A pointer to an ndb_mgm_reply structure for a reply message.

Return value.  The function returns -1 in the event of failure.