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Description.  Like ndb_mgm_restart(), this function can be used to restart one or more Cluster data nodes. However, ndb_mgm_restart2() provides additional restart options, including initial restart, waiting start, and immediate (forced) restart.


int ndb_mgm_restart2
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      int          number,
      const int*   list,
      int          initial
      int          nostart,
      int          abort

Parameters.  ndb_mgm_restart2() takes 6 parameters:

  • An NdbMgmHandle.

  • The number of nodes to be stopped. Use 0 to stop all of the data nodes in the cluster.

  • A list of the node IDs of the nodes to be stopped.

  • If initial is true (1), then each node undergoes an initial restart—that is, its file system is removed.

  • If nostart is true, then the nodes are not actually started, but instead are left ready for a start command.

  • If abort is true, then the nodes are restarted immediately, bypassing any graceful restart.

Return value.  The number of nodes actually restarted; -1 on failure.