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3.4.2 The ndb_mgm_node_state Structure

Description.  Provides information on the status of a Cluster node.

Definition.  This structure contains the following members:

  • int node_id: The cluster node's node ID.

  • enum ndb_mgm_node_type node_type: The node type.

    See Section 3.3.1, “The ndb_mgm_node_type Type”, for permitted values.

  • enum ndb_mgm_node_status node_status: The node's status.

    See Section 3.3.2, “The ndb_mgm_node_status Type”, for permitted values.

  • int start_phase: The start phase.

    This is valid only if the node_type is NDB_MGM_NODE_TYPE_NDB and the node_status is NDB_MGM_NODE_STATUS_STARTING.

  • int dynamic_id: The ID for heartbeats and master takeover.

    Valid only for data (ndbd) nodes.

  • int node_group: The node group to which the node belongs.

    Valid only for data (ndbd) nodes.

  • int version: Internal version number.

  • int connect_count: The number of times this node has connected to or disconnected from the management server.

  • char connect_address[]: The IP address of this node as seen by the other nodes in the cluster.

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