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Description.  Given a management server handle, this function gets NDB engine and MySQL Server version information for the indicated management server.


int ndb_mgm_get_version
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      int* major,
      int* minor,
      int* build,
      int length,
      char* string

Parameters.  An NdbMgmHandle, and pointers to the NDB engine major, minor, and build version values, as well as a pointer to the version string (along with the strength's length).

The version string uses the format mysql-x.x.x ndb-y.y.y-status, where x.x.x is the three-part MySQL Server version, and y.y.y is the three-part NDB storage engine version. The status string indicates the release level or status; usually this is one of beta, rc, or ga, but other values are sometimes possible.

Return value.  ndb_mgm_get_version() returns an integer: 0 on success; any nonzero value indicates an error.

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