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Download this Manual ndb_mgm_get_connectstring()

Description.  This function retrieves the connection string used for a connection.


This function returns the default connection string if no call to ndb_mgm_set_connectstring() has been performed. In addition, the returned connection string may be formatted slightly differently than the original in that it may contain specifiers not present in the original.

The connection string format is the same as that discussed for Section, “ndb_mgm_set_connectstring()”.


const char* ndb_mgm_get_connectstring
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      char*        buffer,
      int          size

Parameters.  This function takes three arguments:

  • An NdbMgmHandle.

  • A pointer to a buffer in which to place the result.

  • The size of the buffer.

Return value.  The connection string—this is the same value that is pushed to the buffer.