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MySQL NDB Cluster API Developer Guide  /  ...  /  ndb_mgm_get_clusterlog_severity_filter() ndb_mgm_get_clusterlog_severity_filter()

Description.  This function is used to retrieve the cluster log severity filter currently in force.


int ndb_mgm_get_clusterlog_severity_filter
      NdbMgmHandle handle,
      struct ndb_mgm_severity* severity,
      unsigned int size


  • An NdbMgmHandle.

  • A vector severity of seven (NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ALL) elements, each of which is an ndb_mgm_severity structure, where each element contains 1 if a severity indicator is enabled and 0 if not. A severity level is stored at position ndb_mgm_clusterlog_level; for example the error level is stored at position NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ERROR. The first element (position NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ON) in the vector signals whether the cluster log is disabled or enabled.

  • The size of the vector (NDB_MGM_EVENT_SEVERITY_ALL).

Return value.  The number of returned severities, or -1 in the event of an error.