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3.3.7 The ndb_mgm_event_category Type

Description.  These are the log event categories referenced in Section 3.3.4, “The Ndb_logevent_type Type”. They are also used by the MGM API functions ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_loglevel() and ndb_mgm_listen_event().

Enumeration values.  Possible values are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

Table 3.6  Type ndb_mgm_event_category values and descriptions

Value Description
NDB_MGM_ILLEGAL_EVENT_CATEGORY Invalid log event category
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP Log events occurring during startup
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_SHUTDOWN Log events occurring during shutdown
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT Log events related to checkpoints
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART Log events occurring during node restart
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONNECTION Log events relating to connections between cluster nodes
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_BACKUP Log events relating to backups
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONGESTION Log events relating to congestion
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_INFO Uncategorised log events (severity level INFO)
NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_ERROR Uncategorised log events (severity level WARNING, ERROR, CRITICAL, or ALERT)

See Section, “ndb_mgm_set_clusterlog_loglevel()”, and Section, “ndb_mgm_listen_event()”, for more information.

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