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3.3.4 The Ndb_logevent_type Type

Description.  These are the types of log events available in the MGM API, grouped by event category. (See Section 3.3.7, “The ndb_mgm_event_category Type”.)

Enumeration values.  Possible values are shown, along with descriptions, in the following table:

Table 3.3 Type Ndb_logevent_type values, descriptions, and event categories

Type Description Category
NDB_LE_Connected The node has connected NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONNECTION
NDB_LE_Disconnected The node was disconnected NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONNECTION
NDB_LE_CommunicationClosed Communication with the node has been closed NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONNECTION
NDB_LE_CommunicationOpened Communication with the node has been started NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONNECTION
NDB_LE_ConnectedApiVersion The API version used by an API node; in the case of a MySQL server (SQL node), this is the same as displayed by SELECT VERSION() NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CONNECTION
NDB_LE_GlobalCheckpointStarted A global checkpoint has been started NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT
NDB_LE_GlobalCheckpointCompleted A global checkpoint has been completed NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT
NDB_LE_LocalCheckpointStarted The node has begun a local checkpoint NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT
NDB_LE_LocalCheckpointCompleted The node has completed a local checkpoint NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT
NDB_LE_LCPStoppedInCalcKeepGci The lcoal checkpoint was aborted, but the last global checkpoint was preserved NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT
NDB_LE_LCPFragmentCompleted Copying of a table fragment was completed NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_CHECKPOINT
NDB_LE_NDBStartStarted The node has begun to start NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_NDBStartCompleted The node has completed the startup process NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_STTORRYRecieved The node received an STTORRY signal, indicating that the reading of configuration data is underway; see Configuration Read Phase (STTOR Phase -1), and STTOR Phase 0, for more information NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_StartPhaseCompleted A node start phase has been completed NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_CM_REGCONF The node has received a CM_REGCONF signal; see STTOR Phase 1, for more information NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_CM_REGREF The node has received a CM_REGREF signal; see STTOR Phase 1, for more information NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_FIND_NEIGHBOURS The node has discovered its neighboring nodes in the cluster NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_NDBStopStarted The node is beginning to shut down NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_NDBStopCompleted Node shutdown completed NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_NDBStopForced The node is being forced to shut down (usually indicates a severe problem in the cluster) NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_NDBStopAborted The started to shut down, but was forced to continue running; this happens, for example, when a STOP command was issued in the management client for a node such that the cluster would no longer be able to keep all data available if the node were shut down NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_StartREDOLog Redo logging has been started NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_UNDORecordsExecuted The node has read and executed all records from the redo log NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_StartReport The node is issuing a start report NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STARTUP
NDB_LE_NR_CopyDict The node is copying the data dictionary NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_NR_CopyDistr The node is copying data distribution information NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_NR_CopyFragsStarted The node is copying table fragments NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_NR_CopyFragDone The node has completed copying a table fragment NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_NR_CopyFragsCompleted The node has completed copying all necessary table fragments NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_NodeFailCompleted All (remaining) nodes has been notified of the failure of a data node NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_ArbitState This event is used to report on the current state of arbitration in the cluster NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_ArbitResult This event is used to report on the outcome of node arbitration NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_GCP_TakeoverStarted The node is attempting to become the master node (to assume responsibility for GCPs) NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_GCP_TakeoverCompleted The node has become the master (and assumed responsibility for GCPs) NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_LCP_TakeoverStarted The node is attempting to become the master node (to assume responsibility for LCPs) NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_LCP_TakeoverCompleted The node has become the master (and assumed responsibility for LCPs) NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_NODE_RESTART
NDB_LE_TransReportCounters This indicates a report of transaction activity, which is given approximately once every 10 seconds NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_OperationReportCounters Indicates a report on the number of operations performed by this node (also provided approximately once every 10 seconds) NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_TableCreated A new table has been created NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_UndoLogBlocked Undo logging is blocked because the log buffer is close to overflowing NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_SendBytesStatistic Indicates a report of the average number of bytes transmitted per send operation by this node NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_ReceiveBytesStatistic Indicates a report of the average number of bytes received per send operation to this node NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_MemoryUsage A DUMP 1000 command has been issued to this node, and it is reporting its memory usage in turn NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_STATISTIC
NDB_LE_TransporterError A transporter error has occurred; see NDB Transporter Errors, for transporter error codes and messages NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_ERROR
NDB_LE_TransporterWarning A potential problem is occurring in the transporter; see NDB Transporter Errors, for transporter error codes and messages NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_ERROR
NDB_LE_MissedHeartbeat Indicates a data node has missed a hreatbeat expected from another data node NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_ERROR
NDB_LE_DeadDueToHeartbeat A data node has missed at least 3 heartbeats in succssion from another data node, and is reporting that it can no longer communicate with that data node NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_ERROR
NDB_LE_WarningEvent Indicates a warning message NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_ERROR
NDB_LE_SentHeartbeat A node heartbeat has been sent NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_INFO
NDB_LE_InfoEvent Indicates an informational message NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_INFO
NDB_LE_SingleUser The cluster has entered or exited single user mode NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_INFO
NDB_LE_EventBufferStatus This type of event indicates potentially excessive usage of the event buffer NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_INFO
NDB_LE_EventBufferStatus2 Provides improved reporting of event buffer status; added in NDB 7.5.1 NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_INFO
NDB_LE_BackupStarted A backup has been started NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_BACKUP
NDB_LE_BackupFailedToStart A backup has failed to start NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_BACKUP
NDB_LE_BackupCompleted A backup has been completed successfully NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_BACKUP
NDB_LE_BackupAborted A backup in progress was terminated by the user NDB_MGM_EVENT_CATEGORY_BACKUP

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