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Description.  This function is used to retrieve the next log event, using data from the event to fill in the supplied ndb_logevent structure.

ndb_logevent_get_next2() was added in NDB 7.3.7. It is intended to serve as a replacement for ndb_logevent_get_next() which corrects that function's handling of the structure's ndb_mgm_event_category, for applications which do not require backward compatibility. It is otherwise identical to ndb_logevent_get_next().


int ndb_logevent_get_next2
      const NdbLogEventHandle handle,
      struct ndb_logevent*    logevent,
      unsigned                timeout

Parameters.  Three parameters are expected by this function:

  • An NdbLogEventHandle

  • A pointer to an ndb_logevent data structure

  • The number of milliseconds to wait for the event before timing out; passing 0 for this parameter causes the function to block until the next log event is received

Return value.  The value returned by this function is interpreted as follows: If the return value is less than or equal to zero, then the logevent is not altered or affected in any way.

  • > 0: The event exists, and it data was retrieved into the logevent

  • 0: A timeout occurred while waiting for the event (more than timeout milliseconds elapsed)

  • < 0: An error occurred.