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2.54 DUMP 2504

Table 2.63 DUMP code 2504

Code Symbol Kernel Block
2504 record_id TcDumpOneScanRec DBTC

Description.  Dumps a single scan record having the record ID record_id. (For dumping all scan records, see Section 2.52, “DUMP 2502”.)

Sample Output.  (For 2 DUMP 2504 1:)

Node 2: Dbtc::ScanRecord[1]: state=0nextfrag=0, nofrag=0
Node 2:  ailen=0, para=0, receivedop=0, noOprePperFrag=0
Node 2:  schv=0, tab=0, sproc=0
Node 2:  apiRec=-256, next=2

Additional Information.  The attributes in the output of this command are described as follows:

  • ScanRecord.  The scan record slot number (same as record_id)

  • state.  One of the following values (found as ScanState in Dbtc.hpp):

    Table 2.64 ScanState values

    Value State
    0 IDLE
    2 WAIT_AI

  • nextfrag: ID of the next fragment to be scanned. Used by a scan fragment process when it is ready for the next fragment.

  • nofrag: Total number of fragments in the table being scanned.

  • ailen: Length of the expected attribute information.

  • para: Number of scan frag processes that belonging to this scan.

  • receivedop: Number of operations received.

  • noOprePperFrag: Maximum number of bytes per batch.

  • schv: Schema version used by this scan.

  • tab: The index or table that is scanned.

  • sproc: Index of stored procedure belonging to this scan.

  • apiRec: Reference to ApiConnectRecord

  • next: Index of next ScanRecord in free list