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2.50 DUMP 2500

In NDB Cluster 7.4 and later, this DUMP code prints a set of scan fragment records to the cluster log.

Table 2.57 DUMP code 2500 in NDB Cluster 7.4 and later.

Code Symbol Kernel Block
2500 TcDumpSetOfScanFragRec DBTC

Description.  This DUMP code uses the syntax shown here:

DUMP 2500 recordno numrecords dbtcinst [activeonly]

This prints numrecords records from DBTC instance dbtcinst, starting with the record having record number recno. The last argument is optional; all of the others shown are required. activeonly is a boolean that determines whether or not to print only active records. If set to 1 (actually, any nonzero value), only active records are printed and ignore any free records not in use for the moment. 0 means all records are included. The default is 1.

Sample Output. 


Additional Information.  [N/A]

Prior to NDB Cluster 7.4, this DUMP code had a different symbol and function, as described in this table and the notes that follow.

Table 2.58 DUMP code 2500 in NDB Cluster 7.3 and earlier.

Code Symbol Kernel Block
2500 TcDumpAllScanFragRec DBTC

Description.  Kills the data node.

Sample Output. 

Time: Sunday 01 November 2015 - 13:37:11
Status: Temporary error, restart node
Message: Assertion (Internal error, programming error or missing error
message, please report a bug)
Error: 2301
Error data: ArrayPool<T>::getPtr
Error object: ../../../../../storage/ndb/src/kernel/vm/ArrayPool.hpp line: 345
(block: CMVMI)
Program: ./libexec/ndbd
Pid: 13237
Trace: /usr/local/mysql/cluster/ndb_2_trace.log.1
Version: Version 5.6.21-ndb-7.3.7