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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 2.0
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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 2.0  /  Running Test Cases  /  Running Tests in Parallel

3.1 Running Tests in Parallel

It is possible to run more than one instance of simultaneously on the same machine. Both will by default use server ports from 13000 but will coordinate used port numbers as well as check for availibility, to avoid conflicts.

Running several instances from the same mysql-test directory is possible but problematic. You must the use the --vardir to set different log directories for each instance. Even so, you can get into trouble becuse they will write.reject files to the same directories.

It is also possible to have a single run tests in several threads in parallel. Execution of the tests will be distributed among the threads. This is achieved using the --parallel option, with the number of threads as argument. The special value auto will ask to pick a value automatically, based on system information. The parallel option may also be given using the environment variable MTR_PARALLEL.