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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 1.0
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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 1.0  /  Writing Test Cases  /  Specifying Test Case-Specific Server Options

4.10 Specifying Test Case-Specific Server Options

Within a test case, many system variables can be set by using statements such as these:

SET sql_warnings=1;

But sometimes you need to restart the server to use command-line options that are specific to a given test case. You can specify these options in a file named mysql-test/t/test_name-master.opt. When a file named t/test_name-master.opt exists, examines it for extra options that the server needs to be run with when executing the test_name test case. If no server has yet been started or the current server is running with different options, restarts the server with the new options.

Files in the mysql-test/t directory with names ending in -slave.opt and -im.opt are similar, but they are used for slave servers and the Instance Manager, respectively.