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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 1.0
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2.2 The Test Framework and SSL

When starts, it checks whether mysqld supports SSL connections:

  • If mysqld supports SSL, starts it with the proper --ssl-xxx options that enable it to accept SSL connections for those test cases that require secure connections (those with ssl in their name). As runs test cases, a secure connection to mysqld is initiated for those cases that require one. For those test cases that do not require SSL, an unencrypted connection is initiated.

  • If mysqld does not support SSL, skips those test cases that require secure connections.

If is started with the --ssl option, it sets up a secure connection for all test cases. In this case, if mysqld does not support SSL, exits with an error message: Couldn't find support for SSL

For mysql-test-run (the shell version), the --with-openssl option corresponds to the --ssl option for