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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 1.0
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The MySQL Test Framework, Version 1.0  /  MySQL Test Programs

Chapter 5 MySQL Test Programs

This chapter describes the test programs that run test cases. For information about the language used for writing test cases, see Chapter 6, mysqltest Language Reference.

The test suite uses the following programs:

  • The Perl script is the main application used to run the MySQL test suite. It invokes mysqltest to run individual test cases. (Prior to MySQL 4.1, a similar shell script, mysql-test-run, can be used instead.)

  • mysqltest runs test cases. A version named mysqltest_embedded is similar but is built with support for the libmysqld embedded server.

  • The mysql_client_test program is used for testing aspects of the MySQL client API that cannot be tested using mysqltest and its test language. mysql_client_test_embedded is similar but used for testing the embedded server.

  • The Perl script performs stress-testing of the MySQL server. (MySQL 5.0 and up only)