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Chapter 3 User-Defined Functions

The following table shows all user-defined functions (UDFs) available across MySQL Server 5.6 through 8.0. The table contains these columns:

  • Name: The name of the function.

  • Introduced: The version or versions in which the function was introduced.

  • Deprecated: The version or versions in which the function was deprecated.

  • Removed: The version or versions in which the function was removed.

  • 5.6, 5.7, and so forth: Whether the function is available in each MySQL Server series. If more information is available in the main reference manual, the indication is a link to the correct part of the manual.

Table 3.1 User-Defined Functions Reference

Name Introduced Deprecated Removed 5.6 5.7 8.0
asymmetric_decrypt() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_derive() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_encrypt() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_sign() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asymmetric_verify() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_add_managed() 8.0.23 Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_add_source() 8.0.22 Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_delete_managed() 8.0.23 Yes
asynchronous_connection_failover_delete_source() 8.0.22 Yes
audit_api_message_emit_udf() Yes
audit_log_encryption_password_get() Yes Yes
audit_log_encryption_password_set() Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_flush() Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_remove_filter() Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_remove_user() Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_set_filter() Yes Yes
audit_log_filter_set_user() Yes Yes
audit_log_read() Yes Yes
audit_log_read_bookmark() Yes Yes
create_asymmetric_priv_key() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
create_asymmetric_pub_key() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
create_dh_parameters() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
create_digest() 5.6.21, 5.7.9, 8.0.11 Yes Yes Yes
firewall_group_delist() 8.0.23 Yes
firewall_group_enlist() 8.0.23 Yes
gen_blacklist() 8.0.23 Yes Yes
gen_blocklist() 8.0.23 Yes
gen_dictionary() Yes Yes
gen_dictionary_drop() Yes Yes
gen_dictionary_load() Yes Yes
gen_range() Yes Yes
gen_rnd_email() Yes Yes
gen_rnd_pan() Yes Yes
gen_rnd_ssn() Yes Yes
gen_rnd_us_phone() Yes Yes
group_replication_get_communication_protocol() Yes
group_replication_get_write_concurrency() Yes
group_replication_set_as_primary() Yes
group_replication_set_communication_protocol() Yes
group_replication_set_write_concurrency() Yes
group_replication_switch_to_multi_primary_mode() Yes
group_replication_switch_to_single_primary_mode() Yes
keyring_aws_rotate_cmk() Yes Yes
keyring_aws_rotate_keys() Yes Yes
keyring_hashicorp_update_config() Yes
keyring_key_fetch() Yes Yes
keyring_key_generate() Yes Yes
keyring_key_length_fetch() Yes Yes
keyring_key_remove() Yes Yes
keyring_key_store() Yes Yes
keyring_key_type_fetch() Yes Yes
load_rewrite_rules() Yes Yes
mask_inner() Yes Yes
mask_outer() Yes Yes
mask_pan() Yes Yes
mask_pan_relaxed() Yes Yes
mask_ssn() Yes Yes
mysql_firewall_flush_status() Yes Yes Yes
mysql_query_attribute_string() 8.0.23 Yes
normalize_statement() Yes Yes Yes
read_firewall_group_allowlist() 8.0.23 Yes
read_firewall_groups() 8.0.23 Yes
read_firewall_users() 8.0.25 Yes Yes Yes
read_firewall_whitelist() 8.0.25 Yes Yes Yes
service_get_read_locks() 5.7.8 Yes Yes
service_get_write_locks() 5.7.8 Yes Yes
service_release_locks() 5.7.8 Yes Yes
set_firewall_group_mode() 8.0.23 Yes
set_firewall_mode() 8.0.25 Yes Yes Yes
version_tokens_delete() Yes Yes
version_tokens_edit() Yes Yes
version_tokens_lock_exclusive() Yes Yes
version_tokens_lock_shared() Yes Yes
version_tokens_set() Yes Yes
version_tokens_show() Yes Yes
version_tokens_unlock() Yes Yes