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5.1 General Information

MySQL for Visual Studio provides access to MySQL objects and data from Visual Studio. As a Visual Studio package, MySQL for Visual Studio integrates directly into Server Explorer providing the ability to create new connections and work with MySQL database objects.

Functionality concepts includes:

  • SQL Development: By integrating directly into Visual Studio, database objects (tables, views, stored routines, triggers, indexes, etc) can be created, altered, or dropped directly inside Server Explorer.

    Visual object editors include helpful information to guide you through the editing process. Standard data views are also available to help you view your data.

  • Query Designer: Visual Studio’s query design tool is also directly supported. With this tool, you can query and view data from tables or views while also combining filters, group conditions, and parameters. Stored routines (both with and without parameters) can also be queried.

  • Stored Routine Debugging: Use the full debugging support for stored routines. Using the standard Visual Studio environment and controls, you can set breakpoints, add watches, and step into, out of, and over routines and calls. Local variables can be added to the watch window and call stack navigation is also supported.

  • Entity Framework: The Entity Framework is supported, to allow template based code generation and full support of the model designers and wizards.

For notes detailing the changes in each release, see the MySQL for Visual Studio Release Notes.