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5.7 MySQL Application Configuration Tool

The MySQL Application Configuration tool (previously named MySQL Website Configuration) enables you to configure options for the following categories with MySQL as the database provider: entity framework, membership (advanced or simple), roles, profiles, session state, site map, and web personalization. With this MySQL for Visual Studio feature, you can configure multiple provider pages in sequence and the tool modifies your configuration files accordingly.

Editing configuration files manually can be problematic. The MySQL Application Configuration tool simplifies the task by providing the relevant options for each web (or application) project in a graphical, wizard-like format that permits you to navigate among the provider categories. The tool then adds, modifies, or removes entries from the App.config file, which applies to settings for non-web projects only, and the Web.config file for your web-based projects.

The MySQL Application Configuration tool appears as a small icon on the Solution Explorer toolbar in Visual Studio, as shown in the following figure. The icon is visible only when a project is active (with a connection to MySQL), and Connector/NET is installed. Clicking the MySQL Application Configuration icon launches the tool and displays the options for setting up Entity Framework support.

Figure 5.44 MySQL Application Configuration Tool

Content is described in the surrounding text.

The remainder of this chapter describes each item that you can configure using the MySQL Application Configuration tool.