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5.1.2 MySQL Notifier Options

The Actions, Options menu provides a set of options that configure MySQL Notifier operations. Options are grouped into the following categories: General Options, Notification Options, and MySQL Server Connections Options.

Click Accept to enable the selected options or Cancel to ignore all changes. Click Reset to Defaults and then Accept to apply default option values.

General Options.  This group includes:

  • Use colorful status icons: Enables a colorful style of icons for the tray of MySQL Notifier. Selected by default.

  • Run at Windows Startup: Allows the application to be loaded when Microsoft Windows starts. Deselected by default.

  • Automatically Check For Updates Every # Days: Checks for a new version of MySQL Notifier, and runs this check every # days (1 to 365). This configurable option is enabled by default.

  • Automatically add new services whose name contains: The text used to filter services and add them automatically to the monitored list of the local computer running MySQL Notifier and on remote computers already monitoring Windows services. Selected by default for names containing mysql.

  • Ping monitored MySQL Server instances every # seconds: The interval (in seconds) to ping monitored MySQL Server instances for status changes. Longer intervals might be necessary if the list of monitored remote instances is large. 30 seconds by default.

Notification Options.  This group includes:

  • Notify me when a service is automatically added: Display a balloon notification from the taskbar when a newly discovered service is added to the monitored services list. Selected by default.

  • Notify me when a service changes status: Displays a balloon notification from the taskbar when a monitored service changes its status. Selected by default.

MySQL Server Connections Options.  This group includes:

  • Automatic connections migration delayed until: When there are connections to migrate to MySQL Workbench (if installed), this option postpones the migration by one hour, one day, one week, one month, or indefinitely.