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6.4.2 What is New in MySQL for Excel 1.2

  • Edit Connections: MySQL connections can now be edited from within the MySQL for Excel plugin by right-clicking and choosing Edit Connection. Before, these connections could only be edited with MySQL Workbench.

  • Optimistic Updates: Previously, only "Pessimistic Updates" were used, which means that pressing Commit Changes would overwrite changes performed outside of MySQL for Excel for the edited cells.

    Both options remain available today, and optimistic updates are enabled by default. This update type can be set either as a preference, or toggled per session.

  • The Append Data dialog will now notify you of incompatible types (with visual warnings) when mapping source Excel columns to target MySQL columns.

    If a mismatch is discovered, then the column in the source grid that contains the mapped Excel data turns red, and selecting this column displays a warning with text explaining that the source data is not suitable for the mapped target column's data type.

  • New preview preferences allow you to enable one of the following three options:

    • Preview SQL statements before they are sent to the Server: View (and optionally) edit the MySQL UPDATE/INSERT statements before they are committed.

    • Show executed SQL statements along with the results: View the statements after they are committed, which is the current behavior.

    • Do not show the MySQL statements: Only show summary information, such as number of affected rows, and not MySQL statements. This is enabled by default.

  • Create Table: The Data Export feature now has the option to only create the table without inserting the data.

    To execute, toggle the Export Data button to Create Table, and then click.

  • The selected schema name is now displayed on top of the MySQL for Excel Database Object Selection window.

  • The Advanced Options dialogs opened from the Import, Export and Append Data windows now immediately apply the option changes, when before the Advanced Options dialog had to be reopened before the changes could be previewed.

  • Edit Data sessions can now be saved: Using the new Edit Session preferences, these sessions were automatically closed after closing an Excel workbook. This data, such as the Workbench connection ID, MySQL schema, and MySQL table name, can now be preserved if the Excel workbook is saved to disk, and available when the Excel workbook is reopened.

  • Excel tables are automatically created for any data imported from MySQL to an Excel worksheet, with a name like "Schema.DB-Object-name". The DB object name can be a MySQL table, view, or stored procedure. Options for this feature are listed under Import Data, Advanced Options. The newly created Excel tables can be referenced for data analysis in Pivot Tables or reports.