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9.3 Importing a Procedure

Importing a procedure displays a similar option dialog, but with the following options:

  • Include Column Names as Headers: Selected by default, this will insert the column names at the top of the Excel worksheet as a "headers" row.

  • Import: Because a procedure might return multiple result sets, the import options include:

    • Selected Result Set: Imports the selected tab sheet. This is the default behavior.

    • All Result Sets - Arranged Horizontally: Imports all result sets into the Excel Worksheet horizontally, and inserts one empty column between each result set.

    • All Result Sets - Arranged Vertically: Imports all result sets into the Excel Worksheet vertically, and inserts one empty row between each result set.

For example, a dialog similar to the one shown in the following figure displays after you import a procedure and click the Call button to invoke the stored procedure.

Figure 9.2 Importing called stored procedure data with MySQL for Excel

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