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5.6.3 Adding Summary Fields

Summary fields are calculated fields added to the last row of each column in the imported MySQL table. The drop-down list for each summary field in the resulting worksheet includes functions such as Average, Sum, Min, and Max.


This feature was added in MySQL for Excel 1.3.0.

The Add Summary Fields option (deselected by default) appears on the Import Data dialog as shown in the figure that follows.

Figure 5.19 The 'Add Summary Fields' option

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Enabling this option adds a row of summary fields for the appropriate columns in your imported data. Notice the newly created row appended to the existing rows shown in the next figure.

Figure 5.20 The new 'Add Summary Fields': the new row

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Select the row to reveal a down arrow, and click it to display a set of summary options shown in the next figure.

Figure 5.21 The 'Add Summary Fields' row: choices

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