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MySQL and Windows
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MySQL and Windows


This is the MySQL™ extract for Microsoft Windows from the MySQL 5.6 Reference Manual.

For legal information, see the Legal Notices.

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Document generated on: 2020-10-27 (revision: 67832)

Table of Contents

Preface and Legal Notices
1 Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows
1.1 MySQL Installation Layout on Microsoft Windows
1.2 Choosing an Installation Package
1.3 MySQL Installer for Windows
1.3.1 MySQL Installer Initial Setup
1.3.2 Setting Alternative Server Paths with MySQL Installer
1.3.3 Installation Workflow with MySQL Installer
1.3.4 MySQL Installer Product Catalog and Dashboard
1.3.5 MySQLInstallerConsole Reference
1.4 Installing MySQL on Microsoft Windows Using a noinstall ZIP Archive
1.4.1 Extracting the Install Archive
1.4.2 Creating an Option File
1.4.3 Selecting a MySQL Server Type
1.4.4 Starting the Server for the First Time
1.4.5 Starting MySQL from the Windows Command Line
1.4.6 Customizing the PATH for MySQL Tools
1.4.7 Starting MySQL as a Windows Service
1.4.8 Testing The MySQL Installation
1.5 Troubleshooting a Microsoft Windows MySQL Server Installation
1.6 Windows Postinstallation Procedures
1.7 Windows Platform Restrictions
2 Upgrading MySQL on Windows
3 Connection to MySQL Server Failing on Windows
4 Resetting the Root Password: Windows Systems
5 MySQL Notifier
5.1 MySQL Notifier Overview
5.1.1 MySQL Notifier Tasks
5.1.2 MySQL Notifier Options
5.1.3 Managing Monitored Items
5.1.4 Troubleshooting
5.2 Setting Up Remote Monitoring in MySQL Notifier
6 MySQL for Excel
6.1 Introduction
6.2 Installation
6.3 Configuration
6.3.1 MySQL Connections in Excel
6.3.2 New Schema Creation in Excel
6.3.3 Global Options
6.4 What is New in MySQL for Excel
6.4.1 What is New in MySQL for Excel 1.3
6.4.2 What is New in MySQL for Excel 1.2
6.5 Edit MySQL Data in Excel
6.5.1 Edit Session Overview
6.5.2 Multiple Edit Sessions
6.6 Import MySQL Data into Excel
6.6.1 Importing a Procedure
6.6.2 Import — Advanced Options
6.6.3 Adding Summary Fields
6.6.4 Creating PivotTables
6.7 Append Excel Data into MySQL
6.7.1 Column Mappings
6.7.2 Append — Advanced Options
6.8 Export Excel Data into MySQL
6.8.1 Column Options
6.8.2 Export — Advanced Options
6.8.3 Additional Notes
6.9 MySQL for Excel Frequently Asked Questions
7 MySQL for Visual Studio
7.1 General Information
7.1.1 New in Version 2.0
7.1.2 New in Version 1.2
7.2 Installing MySQL for Visual Studio
7.3 Enabling the MySQL Toolbar
7.4 Making a Connection
7.4.1 Connect Using Server Explorer
7.4.2 Connect Using MySQL Connections Manager
7.5 Editing
7.5.1 MySQL SQL Editor
7.5.2 Code Editors
7.5.3 Editing Tables
7.5.4 Editing Views
7.5.5 Editing Indexes
7.5.6 Editing Foreign Keys
7.5.7 Editing Stored Procedures and Functions
7.5.8 Editing Triggers
7.6 MySQL Project Items
7.6.1 MySQL ASP.NET MVC Items
7.6.2 MySQL Windows Forms Items
7.7 MySQL Application Configuration Tool
7.7.1 Entity Framework
7.7.2 Web Providers
7.7.3 Using the MySQL Connection String Editor
7.8 MySQL Data Export Tool
7.9 DDL T4 Template Macro
7.10 Debugging Stored Procedures and Functions
7.11 MySQL for Visual Studio Frequently Asked Questions