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MySQL Utilities 1.6 Manual  /  MySQL Utilities Administrative Tasks

Chapter 3 MySQL Utilities Administrative Tasks

Table of Contents     [+/-]

3.1 Binary Log Operations     [+/-]
3.2 Database Operations     [+/-]
3.3 General Operations     [+/-]
3.4 High Availability Operations     [+/-]
3.5 Server Operations     [+/-]
3.6 Specialized Operations     [+/-]

MySQL Utilities provides a command-line set of tools for working with MySQL Servers and databases. MySQL Utilities fully supports MySQL Server versions 5.1 and above. It is also compatible with MySQL Server 5.0, but not every feature of 5.0 may be supported. It does not support MySQL Server versions 4.x.

In this section, we present a number of example administrative tasks introduced by an example "How do I?" question. Included in each is a description of the need, objective, goals, example execution, and a discussion about the specific options and techniques illustrated. Also included is a description of the specific permissions required to execute the utilities demonstrated and tips for using the utility.

These task descriptions are not a substitute for the full manual of each utility, rather, they represent examples of how you can use the utility. For a complete description of the utility and all of its options and arguments, see the manual page for that utility elsewhere in this manual.

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