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MySQL Utilities 1.5  /  Overview of MySQL Utilities  /  High Availability Operations

4.3 High Availability Operations

These utilities are those designed to support replication and high availability operations for MySQL servers.

  • mysqlfailover

    • Provides automatic failover on a replication topology

    • Uses Global Transaction Identifiers (GTID, MySQL Server 5.6.5+)

  • mysqlreplicate

    • Setup replication

    • Start from beginning, current, specific binlog, pos

  • mysqlrplms

    • Provides round-robin multi-source replication (a slave server continually cycles through multiple masters in order to store a consolidated data set)

    • Uses Global Transaction Identifiers (GTID, MySQL Server 5.6.9+)

  • mysqlrpladmin

    • Administers the replication topology

    • Allows recovery of the master

    • Commands include elect, failover, gtid, health, start, stop, and switchover

  • mysqlrplcheck

    • Check replication configuration

    • Tests binary logging on master

  • mysqlrplshow

    • Show slaves attached to master

    • Can search recursively

    • Show the replication topology as a graph or list

  • mysqlrplsync

    • Check data consistency between servers in a replicated setup

    • Uses Global Transaction Identifiers (GTID)

    • Requires MySQL Server 5.6.14 and higher

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