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MySQL Utilities 1.5
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MySQL Utilities 1.5  /  Overview of MySQL Utilities  /  General Operations

4.2 General Operations

These utilities are those designed to perform general operations such as reporting and searching.

  • mysqldiskusage

    • Show disk usage for databases

    • Generate reports in SQL, CSV, TAB, Grid, Vertical

  • mysqlfrm

    • Reads .frm files, optionally in byte-by-byte diagnostic mode

    • Generates CREATE statements from table definition data

  • mysqlindexcheck

    • Read indexes for one or more tables

    • Check for redundant and duplicate indexes

    • Generate reports in SQL, CSV, TAB, Grid, Vertical

  • mysqlmetagrep

    • Search metadata

    • Regexp, database search

    • Generate SQL statement for search query

  • mysqlprocgrep

    • Search process information

    • Generate SQL statement for search

    • Kill processes that match query

  • mysqluserclone

    • Clone a user account, to the same or different server

    • Show user grants

  • mysqluc

    • Command line client for running MySQL Utilities

    • Allows a persistent connection to a MySQL Server

    • Tab completion for utility names and options

    • Allows calling the commands with shorter names, such as using "serverinfo" instead of mysqlserverinfo

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